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The Canna Financing Blog

Legalization at the 2022 Ballot Box

Cannabis legalization will be on the ballot this upcoming November in several additional states.  Fast forward half a decade into the future or even sooner and you might find cannabis is legalized...

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How Cannabis Banking Is Helping the Economy

Cannabis is rapidly changing the United States economy and also the global economy.  As time progresses, more states within the land of the free and the home of the brave as well as nation-states...

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Everything You Need To Know About Merchant Cash Advances

Part of running a successful business is understanding when and how to use merchant cash advances (MCA). This is especially important for start-up companies as a way to achieve financial stability in...

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How to Get a Loan to Open a Dispensary

Starting a dispensary is going to take serious financial resources. Getting started can be costly in a variety of ways, from inventory to real estate and beyond. You likely have heard by now that our...

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Where Should I Start a Cannabis Business?

The legal cannabis industry is a budding market. The risk of being too early starting a cannabis business has passed. Recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in 19 states and Washington,...

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How Financing Can Help You Expand Your Cannabis Business

Finding financing in the cannabis industry isn't easy. Banks often do not lend to cannabis-related businesses, and even though many marijuana entrepreneurs have found workarounds, there are still...

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