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The Canna Financing Blog

Federal Marijuana Legalization Update

The U.S. House has passed legislation removing marijuana from the federal government's schedule of controlled substances, following decriminalization laws passed in some form in 37 states. The future...

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Cannabis Industry Challenges in 2022

The cannabis industry has continued to accelerate in 2022.

Every sector of our industry from cultivators to product makers to distributors, dispensaries, and consumers has been pulling to make...

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How to Write a Dispensary Business Plan

Many cannabis entrepreneurs know everything there is to know about the marijuana they grow, process, or sell, but don't know how to approach financial institutions for funding their operations....

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Cannabis Inventory Management Best Practices

Cannabis farmers, cultivators, trimmers, processors, extractors, packagers, laboratories, and especially dispensaries face unique challenges in tracking their inventory. Seed-to-sale inventory...

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How to Get a Marijuana Cultivation License

In 46 states of the United States and all the provinces of Canada, cannabis has been legalized in at least some of its forms.

Marijuana is big business, and at least on the state level in most...

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Cannabis Equipment Financing vs. Leasing

Cannabis offers growth opportunities for dispensaries, cannabis growers, manufacturers, and distributors, with a market value of nearly $100 billion, projected by 2026. However, growth in your...

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