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Cannabis Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

Cannabis Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

Business is booming in the cannabis industry, which means that business owners need to make sure they are checking all of the boxes when it comes to effective cannabis marketing strategies.  Cannabis advertising is often done through social media (carefully), business pages, emails, and word of mouth. 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing can be a great way to entice customers back into your shop and is a very effective cannabisletters written in chalk on gray background advertising and dispensary marketing tactic. You'll want to build a distribution list of customers and their email addresses (this can be done during checkout at your dispensary) and then make sure you are reaching out to them monthly. Try not to go overboard, though, as people can easily get irritated and find their way to that "unsubscribe" button real quick! 

Before you start sending out emails, make sure you have a marketing campaign and strategy fully laid out (no broken links, no missing pieces!). You want every email to count, so include any sales you may be having along with giveaways, links to a newly published blog, or other specials. 

Business Pages 

Your business page is your company's virtual lifeline for cannabis marketing. For this reason, you want to make sure that everything is neat, organized, and working (again, no broken links!). A blog is a great way to educate your customers (and most customers love a little THC education that they can pass onto their friends). Here you can talk about different strains of marijuana, the components of a marijuana plant, the legal system and process of legalization, and even different ways to consume marijuana. Having trouble coming up with blog ideas? Put an ad out for a professional writer who can come up with creative, polished blogs for your website. 

In addition to a blog, you'll want to have your contact information (name, phone number, physical address and email address) as well as a product section. What's the point of directing traffic to your business page if they can't get a hold of you or find your location? 

Social Media and Influencers 

woman with instagram frame against yellow backgroundSocial media doesn't allow for cannabis marketing, but there are ways to get around this hang-up. You'll want to be very cautious, however, as many companies have spent a significant amount of time and money on their online marketing campaigns only to have their page completely shut down by the major social media websites. 

One way to attempt (key word: attempt) to bypass this is by posting educational videos or articles on cannabis, and gear them to people over the age of 21 and only in states where marijuana is legal (and do not direct them to purchase from your store, let them find it organically). You could link these to a blog section of your business page in order to gain more traffic and potential business. However, even companies that have used this strategy have been shut down, so it's important to make sure you thoroughly read the social media page's guidelines on advertising prior to spending time and money on something they might deem " unacceptable". 

What to Keep in Mind

While there are plenty of ways to partake in marijuana marketing, there are some hang-ups that every company will face at some point. A few of them are e-commerce restrictions, social media bans, and dealing with competition from illicit dealers who are still selling their product on the street (even if it is legal in their state). 

e-commerce restrictions 

If you're trying to sell your product through e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Ebay, etc., you may want to think again. Due to federal and state laws, and the unwillingness to place themselves in a situation where they could be impacted in a negative legal way, these companies try to stay out of the marijuana business. 

social media bans 

At the time of this writing, major social media companies (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.) do not allow for cannabis marketing or dispensary marketing on their websites. This is to avoid any legal issues, since marijuana is still regulated at a federal level. In their eyes, it's easier to just stay out of the game until it becomes more widely accepted and legalized. See the above section on social media advertising on ways you might be able to circumvent this inconvenience. 

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