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How to Make Your Dispensary Stand Out to Sell More Cannabis

How to Make Your Dispensary Stand Out to Sell More Cannabis

With a projected market value of nearly $100 billion for the cannabis industry by 2026, dispensaries are biggerblue people standing on a black background and more competitive. With such a huge potential for growth, you’re probably wondering how you can sell more cannabis. Of course, you know you need to differentiate yourself. You need to present your dispensary in a way that will give you a competitive advantage.  

It’s more than just an initial wow factor. You need to create an inspirational and immersive retail experience for your customers, which will leave them coming back for more. When you’re able to differentiate your dispensary and build a loyal, recurring customer base, it’s more likely you’ll be around for the long term. Here are tips for how to make your dispensary stand out.  

Define Your Target Audience 

If you’re looking to stand out to your customers, you first need to know who they are and what they want. Consider lifestyle, levels of involvement, personality traits, and purchasing behavior. According to recent surveys, 88% of your customers may see themselves as sophisticated, social, and professional. They’re part of a new cannabis culture.  

Connect with Your Audience 

Once you’re identified your target audience, you can start engaging with your customers. Consider how you’re presenting yourself to your customers. How are you connecting with your customers? Are you able to share a brand story that resonates with them? Your customers need to feel like you’re speaking to them and that you understand their needs.  

Determine & Optimize Your Distribution Channels 

You probably already have a website for your dispensary, but how are you using it? Are you providing fully optimized content that’s also original and relevant? Use every available channel to reach your customers, but don’t force it. Consider which platforms will allow you to deliver the content that will resonate with your audience.  

  • Review your local online listings: Google My Business and Yelp.  
  • Optimize your listings on Weedmaps and Leafly
  • Grow your email list.  
  • Assess the current state of your social media platforms.  

Focus on the distribution channels that sync up with the interests of your target audience. Offer promotions, deals, and specials that will resonate with your customers. When you provide value to your customers without overwhelming them, you’re engaging with your customers. It could be a campaign about the cannabis strains you stock, sponsorships, upcoming events, and other related topics.  

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blurry tunnel with graphics Create an Experience 

If you really want your dispensary to stand out in the marketplace, you need to consider the experience you’re offering to your customers. Since you’ve already determined your target market, you know what your audience expects. Consider how you can design an experience that makes use of technology and design to support the needs of your customers.   

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Focus on Delivering the Best Customer Service Experience 

You’re delivering more than just a great retail space. You and your staff are offering an opportunity to connect and communicate with your customers. Create the digital and physical resources that will educate, inform, and entertain with cannabis classes, vendor pop-ups, and tours. You should also keep industry regulations in place when you promote your dispensary to make it stand out.  

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